Buy side

Noble Street has a wealth of experience working with private equity firms, investment funds, family offices and lending institutions, co-investors and investees. If you are an investor looking for more exposure in our sectors, we would start by sitting down with you and getting a better understanding of your overall financial return targets and strategic goals. From there we will seek to develop an action plan with you, identify the right opportunities (these will be targets that are the right financial fit as well as management fit) and structure appropriate exit routes.

Sell side

Noble Street has hands-on entrepreneurial experience and understands what it takes to put together a deal. We will work with you to frame your opportunity to investors in the most compelling way. Typically, this starts with spending time with you and assessing our potential chemistry (and this goes both ways, you need to feel we are the right choice for you). Thereafter, if it feels right to proceed, we will do a thorough review of the company and background industry, sector and regional fundamentals and potential opportunities.

As we see so many deals, and have close working relationships with a large network of investors, we have a strong sense of what deals will attract finance and what deals may struggle.

When we go out to investors, we do so in a targeted way. The information we have assembled is confidential, and we know you will not want this ‘shopped.’ Instead, we assemble an initial list of investors we believe will have interest and focus on getting the deal closed through them. We can guide this process through investor pitches and meetings, hosting the materials on our cloud system so we can track activity, and gathering feedback which can inform the process. At the end of the process, we will aim to close term sheets for you.